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What is an unattended cremation?

An unattended cremation is a dignified and affordable alternative to a funeral. It offers a way for families and friends to say goodbye to their loved one, without the expense of a full service funeral. An unattended cremation helps to avoid additional costs associated with traditional cremation services.

How does an unattended cremation work?

Whereas a traditional cremation includes a gathering of guests and ceremony, an unattended cremation takes place without any mourners or a procession. Instead, most people choose to hold a memorial service somewhere special either before or after the cremation.

The unattended cremation is still held at a crematorium, and is carried out with great care by a team of professionals. Your loved one will be taken to the crematorium, and once the cremation has taken place, their ashes will be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance or delivered to your chosen location.

Why choose an unattended cremation?

Unattended cremations are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does this type of funeral bring significant cost savings, but it also allows for greater flexibility in the location and type of ceremony you can choose. Put simply, it frees up family and friends to organise a more personal farewell, at a time that’s right and a place that’s special.

An unattended cremation is also a worthwhile consideration if the deceased has ever expressed a wish for a fuss-free service. Or perhaps they asked you or a family member to not spend too much on their funeral. They may also prefer a more unusual service – one without the formalities of a traditional funeral. An unattended cremation would allow you the freedom to organise a service that is more of a celebration of life, perhaps in their favourite beauty spot, or somewhere special to them.

For many people, the final resting place is more important than the cremation service. If your loved one put importance on the scattering of their ashes, forgoing the formal cremation ceremony may be more in line with their wishes. Of course, if they were more traditional, a traditional service would likely be best.

How much does an unattended cremation cost?

Just like a traditional funeral service, unattended cremations vary in cost. Prices range from around £1,500 excluding third party fees such as crematorium fees and doctors’ fees. The cost usually covers:

  • Bringing the loved one into a funeral directors care
  • Specialist care for your loved one
  • A basic coffin
  • Transportation to the crematorium in a non-ceremonial vehicle

This is significantly less than the cost of a traditional attended funeral. The costs of a traditional attended funeral will usually include a number of additional costs, such as Funeral Director fees for motor hearse, pall bearers, limousines, alternative coffin choices, venue hire, flowers, funeral stationery etc.

Do you still receive the ashes?

As with traditional cremations, the ashes of your loved one can still be returned to you to do with as you wish. You can choose from a number of ashes, urns and keepsakes as a memento.

What next?

We’d be happy to discuss your requirements and help you decide on the right funeral for your loved one. And, if you wish, we can offer more information and organise an unattended cremation for you.

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